How the A&A System Works for You.

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The virtually invisible Gamma 3TM cleaning heads are built-in flush throughout the floor & steps, of your pool and spa.  The A&A Water Actuated Valve directs water to a set of cleaning heads that pop-up and send a stream of filtered, treated water across the floor and walls of your pool.  This action sweeps dirt and debris into suspension to be removed though the pool skimmer and the PDRTM (Powerful Debris Removal) or AVSC Drains to the filter.  The A&A Water Actuated Valve will automatically rotate through each set of cleaning of cleaning heads approximately every 60 seconds, based on this your 100% interior of your pool will be “swept” in about an hour as long as the pool filtration is operating.

Superior Circulation System for Sanitation and Heating

Proper circulation is key to a clean, healthy swimming pool.  A&A Infloor offers Total Circulation that distributes sanitized, heated and filtered water throughout the entire pool. This helps eliminate the potential “dead spots” that can cause algae growth, while effectively reducing chemical usage and increasing savings $.  Whether heated with gas, propane, electric, or by the natural rays of the sun, A&A’s Total Circulation automatically disperses the heated water at the bottom of the pool, where it is the most energy efficient, to evenly warm your pool and eliminate uncomfortable cold layering. It saves you on the cost of heating, up to 50%, and helps extend your swimming season and your fun!

Individually Factory Designed Specifically for Your Pool

Cleaning heads are strategically placed by A&A factory personnel for your individual pool.  They are placed so that the entire pool area will be addressed with overlapping jet streams of filtered, sanitized water.

Benefits of A&A Infloor Cleaning System

  • Automatic patented cleaning & circulating system
  • Virtually invisible
  • No unsightly robots or hoses
  • Efficient chemical & heat distribution to reduce monthly operating costs.
  • Systems available for concrete and vinyl pools

Limited Lifetime Warranty

A&A Infloor Cleaning System is proudly guaranteed by our plain-language, easy-to-understand Limited Lifetime Warranty.  Ask your Authorized A&A Dealer for complimentary copy of our Product Warranty.

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