About Our Product

We build quality residential and commercial pools, spas and water features.

All of our standard pools provide you with the highest quality design and construction to meet your expectations. Here is a list of what you will receive with your new Parker Pool.

  • Professionally designed plans with Customized layout
  • Building Permits (as required)
  • A.R.B. drawing/plans provided (as required)
  • Excavation & removal of excess dirt
  • Stone sub-base (as required)
  • (2) 8″ main drains (as required)
  • #3 rebar on 12″ centers
  • 5,500 psi pneumatically applied concrete shell (10 year warranty to original owner)
  • Standard (3) tread walk-in step package
  • Standard 5′ bench opposite walk-in steps
  • 6″x6″ frost proof waterline tile
  • Trim tile on steps & benches
  • 2,500 psi cantilevered concrete pool copings and footers.
  • Paver deck
  • Expansion joints & deck drainage (as required)
  • Textured acrylic deck finish on poured copings and footers.
  • Schedule 40 (220 psi) PVC piping
  • Adjustable returns & skimmer(s) (as required)
  • Pool pump
  • Pool filter (Hayward Star-Clear Plus)
  • 3-way Pentair valve to control flow between skimmer(s) & main drain(s)
  • Salt Water Chlorinator (Pool Pilot Digital Nano)
  • Stub-out for cleaner
  • LED Colored Pool light (Hayward LED)
  • 24 hour automated time clock (T100 Series mechanical time switch)
  • Exposed aggregate pool finish
  • Maintenance equipment
  • Customer manuals (all provided on this site)

All electrical installations, structural design specifications, and designed flow rate with optimal turn-over adhere to and follow American National Standards Institute//Florida Swimming Pool Association regulations for residential in-ground swimming pools.

Warranty Information:

* 10 year warranty on shell to original owners.
* 5 year limited warranty on interior finish.
* 2 year warranty on the pump.
* 5 year warranty on the Filter Tank

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